FleetPal is a free mobile app that helps truck drivers handle their unexpected breakdowns and routine maintenance visits. It offers one of the largest curated directories of repair shops in the U.S., along with providing other essential fleet services while on the road. The app’s design allows truckers to quickly find the desired service using “brand” and “category” filters, starting with the ones closest to the truck’s location. Users can help the ecosystem by rating and review the service centers and truck stops that they get to visit.

Apart from this, FleetPal uses state-of-the-art geofencing technology to notify truckers of deals and discounts at businesses they drive by, so that they do not miss anything on the road.

FleetPal exists to ease the lives of everyone involved in the maintenance side of the heavy-duty industry. True to that, FleetPal’s platform connects and provides valuable assistance to all segments of the industry, irrespective of its size or scale. The platform is designed to be a resource to single owner-operators, small and large fleets, independent service providers, vendors and big-name national chains alike.

FleetPal’s team comes in with more than 20 years of combined experience in the trucking industry, with a thorough understanding of the ecosystem’s intricacies, while leveraging technology that would make lives easier for every player in the industry.

Service Providers
“We are proud to say that we offer one of a kind solution to the vendors listed in our directory. FleetPal gives you a complete platform, designed to deliver maximum ROI. Your business will be visible in our FleetPal Mobile App and our Web Based App,” said Mike Valnev, CEO of FleetPal. “Through the app, vendors can get access to the thousands of truck drivers and owner-operators on the road who are using FleetPal.”

The company offers two plans to its users – Free and Premium

The Free plan will put vendor businesses on FleetPal’s map, and there is no ceiling limit for including multiple locations or categories. Users will have access to statistics that will show them their ad performance. Another feature of the Free plan is a custom URL with the vendor’s business name on it, making it easy to use for the vendors who do not have a website on their own.

Our Premium Plan includes everything from the Free plus along with the features mentioned below.

Featured Listing
Competition in the freight ecosystem is now higher than ever, as businesses scour the landscape for ways to stand out from its market competition. FleetPal’s featured listing is a feature that has been developed with the sole purpose of driving more traffic and creating extensive leads for vendors. Featured Listing will position a vendor’s ad at the top of the search results in the web and mobile applications, which guarantees more impressions and thereby more customers.

Digital Billboard
Companies spend thousands of dollars erecting physical billboards on the highway sides, to bring in customers to their store. But in times of the internet, billboards can be digitized – with precision targeting at a fraction of the cost of a physical billboard.

FleetPal’s Digital Billboard is a feature that will allow businesses to place an ad on their page, and publicize sales, special offers or any promotional event. Once a campaign is created the system automatically sends messages to all FleetPal users within a 10-mile radius using “push notifications.” This feature helps in get discovered by passing truck drivers close to your location. The Digital Billboard when combined with the Featured Listing feature provides a potent combination to drive more customers through the door.

Diagnostic Code Repair Info
Truck Fault Codes

FleetPal has partnered with Truck Fault Codes and brings in the Diagnostic Code Repair Info feature, which gives truckers access to the most extensive fault codes database in the industry. Apart from including the essential “quick and dirty” repair information, it also holds a significant library collection of step-by-step repair information and wiring diagrams. Truck Fault Codes allows truckers to search by the MID, PID, SPN, and FMI, as well as OEM flash codes.

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